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Hello…Thank you for visiting Brora Blinds.

Here is a little bit about myself and my company.
I have been trading as Macron Services Blinds Ltd for 18 years but the name has always been a bit of a mouthful so I have decided to change to Brora Blinds.

I have now been in business for 24 years in business.

I started my company in 1994 and it has grown into a very successful business with many hundreds of satisfied customers all around the Highlands. So far I have fitted around 16,000 blinds.

I supply and fit first class, quality blinds, at extremely competitive prices and they will last you many years.

My blinds are not the very cheap ‘2 for the price of 1’ blinds as they are not always as good a buy as they would seem. Those offers usually have lots of conditions attached as to sizes, fabrics, partings, availability etc., so choices can be very limited. The old saying is as true now as it ever was… you get what you pay for. Many of the blinds I have supplied over the years,are still in use.I

recently replaced a Vertical Blind that had been in use for 23 Years.

I have a good reputation to keep and I would rather lose a sale than sell poor quality blinds and lose customers. I have many repeat orders from my customers who come back year after year and also recommend me to their friends and families. I like to have a quiet evening in with no phone calls from people complaining and, as I fit good quality blinds my evenings are nice and quiet!

My vertical blinds have different parting options, left, right or centre parting just like curtains. Cheaper blinds, verticals in particular, do not normally offer these options. My blinds come with a superior quality weight with a full eye for the chain clip. I don’t use the unsupported pillar type which can quite often break off. I also offer chrome chains which look classy and expensive. I dont usually use plastic chains which can look cheap and don’t hang as well, but they can be supplied should you require them though it only saves a couple of pound per blind.

My roller blinds have heavy quality aluminum center tubes not poor quality cardboard ones. I can also offer metal fixing brackets in brown and white to match your window frames. Parts for these are replaceable and readily available from me if necessary.

I will very often carry out any small repairs for my regular customers for free, even years after the usual warranty has run out as I appreciate your custom.

I am avaliable anytime of the day from 9 am to 10 pm, 365 days a year i
f you would like me to call with patterns or to to measure and give you an on the spot price.

All my blind,s have the latest Child Safety fitting,s which are a legal requirement for me and any other blind,s. If you have had blind,s fitted recently with no safety fitting,s they are illegal.

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