Intu - Brorablinds

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I also do the Intu blinds range Similar to Perfect fit but less framework. Also they are cheaper.

No drilling, No screws, No holes.

Installation is simplicity itself using “INTU ® Click to Fit”.

Available in a wide range of Roller Pleated and Venetian,s including plains and prints, reflective and blockout.

The simple “Tilt and Raise” control makes INTU ® Roller a smooth addition to your window.

The soft curved fascia fits discreetly into the frame of the window reducing light and heat gaps, improving energy efficiency and saving you money!

Designed with safety in mind, INTU ® Roller eliminates the need for cords, loops and chains.

If you are looking for a super safe blind look no further than Intu or Perfect fit.

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