Verticals - Brorablinds

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I do a large range of vertical blinds in a huge variety of different fabrics, standard fabrics, blackout and solid plastic in the 3.5" or 98mm width.

Headrails are available in Silver, White, Brass effect and Brown.

The blinds come with center, right and left parting options all with child safety fittings, as are on all my other blinds.

The blinds have good quality bottom weights with a full eye for fixing the bottom chains. These are much better quality than the cheaper ones on the market that only have one upright peg which can quite often break off.

I also do plastic bottom chains if a customer requests them but, as standard, I do chrome chains which are much stronger. They also look better and the blinds hang better too.

All Vertical blinds now have no control weight on the side that opens and close,s the blind It,s a wall screw fixing. For added safety.

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